Wondering what to do with your hazardous waste?
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We’ve all been there.

You’ve cleaned out the garage or storage closet. You are left with a collection of hazardous products that you’re pretty sure can’t go in the trash or down the drain. These common items—such as oil-based paints, batteries, pesticides, and cleaners—often have labels that contain the words danger, poison, warning, or caution. Unused, these products are dangerous to store and can harm people and the environment if thrown in the garbage or poured down the drain. Sound like a dilemma? Yes. But we’ve got a solution.

King County Residents

Homes and hazardous waste don’t mix. So, if you’re a King County resident, we’ve got resources that can make your home safer. Learn about common hazardous products and how to safely get rid of them. Find a disposal location or, if you’re a senior or person with disabilities, schedule an in-home pick up. And if you want to find safer product alternatives for your home and garden, we’re here to help. Best of all, these services are already funded through your utility bill, so there’s no fee.

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King County Businesses

Safe management of hazardous waste is good business—and we can help. Learn more about hazardous products and how to safely dispose of them. Discover how your business may benefit from financial incentives, such as cash back for improvements. Locate or give away unused hazardous products on IMEX, a product exchange group. And if you want customized recommendations, schedule an on-site visit from our technical staff. Since these services are already funded through your utility bill, they are available at no extra charge.

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This mobile collection service travels to select King County communities and provides residents a convenient place to take their household hazardous waste. The Wastemobile is funded through a charge on your utility bills—this means you won’t be charged a fee when you come to drop off your materials.

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