Safe hazardous waste management is good business
Most businesses generate some type of hazardous waste.

As a business, it’s your responsibility to safely dispose of your waste so that it doesn’t harm your workers, community, or the environment. Your King County business has access to many resources to safely manage hazardous waste. From disposal to financial incentives, product exchanges to customized recommendations, we can help. All these services are already funded through your utility bill, so they are available at no extra charge.

Is my business eligible?

Your business may be eligible to receive no-fee hazardous waste disposal up to four times a year. To quality your business must be a Small Quantity Generator (SQG) located in King County or King County portions of Bothell, Pacific, Auburn, and Algona.   Download application form or Apply Online

A Small Quantity Generator (SQG) is a business that:

  • produces less than 220 pounds (about 25 gallons) of hazardous waste per month.
  • produces less than 2.2 pounds (about a quart) of acutely hazardous waste per month.
  • stores less than 2,200 pounds (about four 55 gallon drums) of hazardous waste.
Acutely hazardous wastes are often used by laboratories, medical facilities, pest control operators, and other businesses.
For questions or more information, call (206) 263-8899. Businesses who do not meet these qualifications should contact private hazardous waste management firms.
Eligible businesses can follow these steps for convenient, no-fee hazardous waste disposal up to four times per year.
Learn more about disposal locations and hours

1. Gather the items

If the label includes words such as danger, poison, caution, or toxic, it’s probably hazardous waste.

2. Find a convenient disposal location

With four facilities and a traveling Wastemobile, you’ve got options.

3. Complete the form

We just need some quick info. Complete the form online or as a PDF prior to drop off. Print two copies and bring them with you to the designated drop-off location.

4. Prep for disposal

Keep items in original containers, label products that are not marked, and secure items so they won’t tip or leak. Unlabeled items won’t be accepted. Store products away from the passenger compartment of your vehicle.

5. Drop off

Bring your items to the designated drop-off location. There’s no fee, since the service is already funded through your utility bill.

Get Expert Help for Your Business

Schedule an on-site consultation to receive customized recommendations from our technical staff at no charge. We’ll help you:

  • Find the best way to manage your businesses hazardous materials and wastes
  • Find safer alternatives to hazardous products
  • Learn which hazardous waste regulations apply to your business
  • Receive cash back for improvements or disposal expenses
  • Get recognition for your efforts to manage your business in an environmentally friendly way

Following our recommendations may reduce your business liability and creates a safer workplace.

To schedule a consultation or for more information, call 206-296-4692 or fill out this contact form.

Receive Cash Back for Improvements

Your business may be eligible to receive up to $599 cash back for hazardous waste improvements that protect your workers and the environment. Reimbursement is available for lab testing, disposal and recycling, equipment and process changes (including secondary containment, spill control, and substitution of less toxic materials), and protective equipment for employees. Check the eligibility requirements, and then contact us to schedule an on-site consultation with our technical staff at no charge. Our staff will recommend improvements and give you a voucher. Simply decide which improvements you would like to implement and submit a voucher with receipts. We’ll reimburse you for 75% of your expense—up to $599. To request a visit, call 206-296-4692 or fill out the contact form.

Industrial Materials Exchange (IMEX)

Is your business paying to dispose of materials that other businesses can use? Are you buying materials that other businesses may be offering for free? The Industrial Materials Exchange (IMEX) is a free listing service that helps your business locate useful materials or give away surplus materials and hazardous products.

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Common hazardous products

You’ll often find these products in the garage, under the sink, or in the basement. Because they can corrode, catch fire, react, or poison, they require special disposal. The good news? They’re accepted at disposal locations located throughout King County.