A safer, healthier home in King County
Unused, old, or unneeded hazardous products clutter up the home and are dangerous to store.

Unused, old, or unneeded hazardous products clutter up the home. And because they can be flammable, corrosive, and poisonous, they are dangerous to store. There’s an easy solution: no-fee disposal through the Hazardous Waste Management Program.

Common hazardous products

You’ll often find these products in the garage, under the sink, or in the basement. Because they can corrode, catch fire, react, or poison, they require special disposal. The good news? They’re accepted at disposal locations located throughout King County.

Follow these steps for convenient, no-fee hazardous waste disposal.
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1. Gather the items

If the label includes words like danger, poison, warning, or caution, it’s probably hazardous waste.

2. Find a convenient disposal location

With four facilities and a traveling Wastemobile, you’ve got options.

3. Prep for disposal

Keep items in their original containers, label products that are not marked, and secure items so they won’t tip or leak. Store products away from the passenger compartment of your vehicle.

4. Drop off

Bring your items to the designated drop-off location. There’s no fee, since the service is already funded through your utility bill.

5. Smile

You’ve achieved safe disposal, less clutter, and zero guilt.

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How to choose safer products

When shopping for products, it’s safer to choose the least hazardous products available. Check the label and avoid products that contain the words danger, poison, caution, or warning on the label.